Current Electricity - Conductors and Insulators KS3

This fully resourced and differentiated lesson explains conductors and insulators in terms of high and low resistance as caused by collisions between electrons and metal ions. It then takes students through designing a circuit to teas a range of materials and a results table.


  • To know that conductors conduct electricity and non-metals do not.
  • To know that metals are conductors and non-metals are insulators.
  • To be able to design a test circuit and results table.
  • To explain why some materials are conductors.
  • Animated 11 slide PowerPoint- includes exit ticket /plenary quiz
  • Cut and stick
  • Anticipation guide(starter and plenary)
  • Flip It
  • Taboo Cards
  • Worksheet for practical
  • Fact sheet
  • Foldable
  • Fact Share Worksheet
  • Exit ticket template
  • ABC card template
  • 4 Differentiated homework/classwork worksheets
  • Flow chart lesson plan
  • PowerPoint - answers/mark scheme.

With 13 original, enjoyable and engaging pupil resources and two PowerPoints, this pack is designed to be totally bespoked by the teacher to perfectly match pupil ability, time allowed for the topic and departmental focus. Depending on the resources chosen teaching time can take between 50 minutes and 2 hours. Resources not used in the lesson can be utilized for homework and pre-exam revision/review.

There are 9 differentiated learning outcomes – please see preview.

A one-page flow-chart suggested lesson plan is included showing the logical places where choices between resources can be made. Instructions for use are clearly stated on each resource.

Resources include elements of literacy, oracy, self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment which are clearly identified on the flow-chart.

The animated PowerPoint is the backbone of the lesson. The other is the answer/mark scheme for all assessment material so that self-assessment and peer assessment is extremely easy. Facility is also made for pupils to reflect on their performance.

This pack is suitable for schools using interactive notebooks.

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  • Current--Voltage-and-Resistance-Flip-It-Front.pdf
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  • CVR-Pupil-Checklist.pdf
  • CVR-Taboo-Cards.pdf
  • Exit-Ticket.pdf
  • Current--Voltage-and-Resistance-Worksheet-Homework-1.pdf
  • Current--Voltage-and-Resistance-Worksheet-Homework-2.pdf
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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

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