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Current Electricity KS3 - The Complete Module
This one-stop-shop for current electricity at KS3 takes pupils from understanding the terms current, voltage and resistance and the relationship between them, through current and voltage in series and parallel circuits, the resistance of conductors and insulators and how this is used to create components and finishes with Ohms Law.

The module is divided into 11 fully-resourced, differentiated and engaging topics with the 11 animated PowerPoints and 147 assorted printables making even the more difficult concepts easy to understand. In ten of the topics, after explaining the concept, the PowerPoint takes pupils through conducting and, where appropriate, designing an experiment with results tables. Pupils then explain their results using the theory they were taught at the start. Each PowerPoint ends with an animated class exit ticket quiz giving instant feedback on learning to both teacher and pupil.

In the 39 worksheets/homeworks emphasis is placed on assessment for learning as each module comes with a detailed answer/mark scheme PowerPoint which make self-assessment and peer assessment easy. Each topic comes with a checklist for pupils to assess their progress on completion of the topic.

Each topic comes with a one-page flow-chart lesson plan showing where logical choices between resources can be made enabling the teacher to totally bespoke lessons according to pupil ability, time available for the topic and focus of departmental/school policy. Resources not used in the lesson can be additional homework or used for pre-examination revision. Many activities place an emphasis on literacy and oracy. These are identified on the flow-charts.

What You Get
* 11 Animated PowerPoints- each includes an exit ticket /plenary quiz
* 13 Cut and stick
* 11 Anticipation guide(starter and plenary)
* 11 Flip Its
* 11 sets of Taboo Cards
* 10 Worksheets for practicals
* 11 Fact sheets
* 11 Foldables
* 11 Fact Share Worksheets
* 39 Differentiated homework/classwork worksheets
* 11 PowerPoints with answers /detailed mark schemes for homework/classwork
* 11 Flow chart lesson plan
* Exit ticket template
* ABC card template

Sequence of Topics
* Current, Voltage and Resistance
* Conductors and Insulators
* Circuits and Symbols
* 42 Question Card Sort Team Game
* Lamps in Series and Parallel
* Current in Series and Parallel
* Voltage in Series and Parallel
* 35 Question Interactive Quiz
* Does the Number of Batteries Affect Current? Why?
* Does the Number of Batteries Affect Voltage? Why?
* Does Resistance Affect Current? Why?
* Current Electricity Board Game
* Switches in series and parallel
* Ohms Law
* Electricity Enquiry

This module is also available in four bundles and individual topics.

[Intro to Current Electricity 1](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/introduction-to-current-electricity-ks3-12000157)

[Intro to Current Electricity 2](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/into-to-current-electricity-2-ks3-12063517)

[Intro to Current Electricity 3](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/intro-to-current-electricity-3-ks3-12063519)

[Intro to Current Electricity 4](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/intro-to-current-electricity-4-ks3-12068082)

[Elf Off the Shelf Shop](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/penyrheol1)
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Updated: May 15, 2019

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