CVC Worksheets & Printables for practice with beginning, middle, and ending sounds!

These simple, CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) word activities are designed for students in PreK and Kindergarten who are developing early reading and writing skills.

These versatile worksheets can be use for a variety of activities including assessments, literacy centers activities, busy bags, reading baskets, morning work and family engagement activities!

Students can write on the worksheets or use letter beads to fill in the blanks. Laminate any of the pages or place the page in a clear plastic sleeve. Students can write on the laminated pages with a dry erase marker and erase with a tissue, rag, or traditional eraser. Add multiple laminated pages to a binder for an interactive CVC word work activity book that can be used again and again!

Worksheets Included In This Bundle:

• CVC Color & Match
• Matching CVC Words & Pictures
• Write The Missing Letter Flash Cards
• CVC Read & Draw
• CVC Crossword Puzzles, Answer Keys, & Optional Word Keys for Extra Support
• CVC Word Lists
• Trace The CVC Words
• Beginning Sounds Practice
• Middle Sounds Practice
• Ending Sounds Practice
• Sound Out The Words
• Fill In The Missing Letter Assessment Page & Answer Key

Many of the pages included can be cut into CVC Picture/Word Cards. Use them for flash cards, matching activities, and small group activities!

72 CVC words are covered in this bundle: pig, top, box, bug, car, rat, web, fox, man, run, ram, cow, mad, kid, pan, mit, tag, hat, six, dot, gem, sun, lip, hen, (animal) bat, sit, mop, jet, cut, wig, net, rug, cab, rip, gum, pin, nut, bed, vet, ham, leg, mix, hut, sub, pen, fan, ten, tub, hot, fat, wed, map, hip, men, wet, lap, sat, big, keg, sud, hop, red, fin, jug, cop, lid, bun, kit, cup, can, (baseball) bat & dig!

121 pages + cover & credits page = 123 pages total.


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