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EXCERPT: Dada was made up of wounded people, acting out against all that had been at stake in WWI. The movement began in the ending years of WWI and concluded during the Post War Reconstruction. The resulting art work is stark, serious and intellectual.

Dada was amazingly predictive of what was in store for future generations of artists and even non-artists. The work had early forms of performance art, wearable art, fiber art, conceptual art, fonts, typography, and mixed media.

Dada also saw women artists entering the movement of artists. Most of the women intersected on some other level with the men in the movement. It would not be until much later that women artists would emerge on their own without any male relationship to anchor them to the art world.

Suzanne Duchamp was Marcel’s sister and also was married to artist Jean Crotti. Hannah Höch and Raoul Hausmann were in a tempestuous affair. Sophie Taeuber married Hans Arp and they remained married until her death at age 53.

Max Ernst, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp segued easily to and fro with Dada and Surrealism.

Dada and Surrealism had in common that they were complemented by a writing movement of equal force. Not all art movements are so fortunate. It makes the movement a great deal more understandable and accessible if great writers were along to chronicle the journey.

DaDa was about rebellion. These artists wanted to tear things apart as they emerged from the horrors of WWI. In tearing things up and rebuilding them anew, they not only mirrored the war but copied Reconstruction in a Post War environment as a method for making art, i.e. with collage, photomontage and assemblage.
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