Debate Around-the-Room for Kids & Tweens

Debate Around-the-Room for Kids & Tweens is a 4th-8th grade rotation activity in which students work in pairs (or small groups of 3-4) and respond to resolutions posted around the classroom. At each station, the students will read a resolution, brainstorm both affirmative and negative arguments, determine the impacts of each set of arguments, and decide which side’s impacts would benefit the greatest number of people. This activity teaches students the importance of weighing impacts and analyzing both sides of an issue before making a swift judgement.

There are two answer sheet options provided where students can record their answers during rotations. You should determine which answer sheet is best for your students based on their age, knowledge of debate terminology, and the amount of time they have to spend at each station. There is a vocabulary sheet for the students’ use. The number and length of rotations are up to you; you can start with 10-12 minutes per rotation and add time if necessary.


-Cut and laminate the resolution cards and/or print them on colored paper or card stock.
-If you don’t have time for rotations, use the cards as warm-up writing or discussion prompts!
-Use a bell or timer when it’s time to rotate. You can also play music during transitions.
-Because there are 24 resolution cards, your students can participate in this activity multiple times. For example, if you use cards #1-5 on day one, use cards #6-10 on day two.
-If you run out of cards, allow students to write their own! There is a blank resolution card template on page 19 of this file.
-After rotations are complete, allow the students to share their arguments, impacts, and final decisions with the class. You can even have a full-class debate!
-As an extension activity, students can research and write an actual case affirming or negating one of the resolutions.

Included in File:

-Vocabulary Review for Students
-Rotation Response Sheets (Basic- front/back)
-Rotation Response Sheets (Advanced- front/back)
-24 Resolution Cards (2 different cards per page)
-Blank Resolution Cards (for write-in topics)

Feel free to ask questions before purchasing. Enjoy!

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