Adapted from an image in Back to Back activities, 2 vectors are defined as a and b and the activity asks how many further vectors can be defined in terms of a and b. The image gives all of the other lines defined as vectors in terms of a and b.


  • Vector-Definition-Activity.docx
  • Vector-Definition-Answer.png

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    user avatarwoolfc7510 months agoreport

    Looks like a great activity... Im not sure why vector KD is 2b??? I would also include statements about B, F, H, J, E, K, N being midpoints. Otherwise, there are quite a lot of geometric assumptions the students will need to make - which is what we don't want them to do.

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    user avatarstroeveya year agoreport

    Brilliant .. my last year of teachimg and I still find beautiful ifeas.

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    user avatargiantsky2 years agoreport

    Love this! Thank you!