Dice Place Value Game
This game is designed to build fluency with reading and writing large numbers to the millions place. Just add dice! Designed for Years 3,4 and 5 to help students memorize and practice place value of large numbers.

What's Included:
- Game prep instructions for teacher
- 2 score sheets for students with instructions
- 3 different variations of the game for differentiation

This game was designed for my students to play while in small groups. The goal is a fun way for them to review and practice reading and comparing large numbers.

In this game, students take turns rolling dice. Each dice roll, gives the students a number to be placed in one of their empty place value positions. They can then put this number anywhere they want while also trying to figure out where it would give them the smallest or largest value, depending on the variation of the game.

Included in this game are directions for three different variations; partners competing to see who builds the largest number, smallest number or reads it correctly. There is also a score sheet at the end.

In round 1, student each roll the dice 4 times, trading turns between each roll, to build a number to the thousands place. If the teacher tells the students to get the largest number, the student whose number has the largest value will win the round and receive 1 point while their partner earns 0 points. As an added bonus, I tell my students they must also read their number out loud correctly to their partner.

The rounds are designed to increase in difficulty as the game progresses. In round 1 students are playing to the thousands place, however rounds 4-10 they are playing to the millions place. My 5th graders loved it this year and it provided a great way to review those place value skills.

Thank you so much for purchasing this product. I hope your students like it as much as my students did.
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