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Earth Changes: Trivia Board Game

This board game focuses on the science surrounding Earth Surface Change.
* Plains
* Plateaus
* Folded Mountains
* Upwarped Mountains
* Fault Blocked Mountains
* Volcanic Mountains
* Equator
* Latitude
* Prime Meridian
* Longitude
* Mercator Projection
* Robison Projection
* Conic Projection
* Topographic Map
* Contour Line
* Map Scale
* Map Legend
* Geologic Map
* Remote Sensing
* Weathering
* Mechanical Weathering
* Ice Wedging
* Chemical Weathering
* Caves
* Carbonic Acid
* Oxidation
* Climate
* Soil
* Humus
* Horizons
* Leaching
* No-Till Farming
* Contour Farming
* Terracing
* Deposition
* Mass Movement
* Creep
* Glacier
* Moraine
* Deflation
* Abrasion
* Deposits
* Drainage Basin
* Aquifer
* Spring
* The Scientific Method

The game is designed for groups of three students at each station. Simply print the game cards and game board. The students read off the cards and after a correct response, the player moves their paper clip until reaching the finish line. This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary and review before exams. Have fun and enjoy!


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