pdf, 8.21 MB
pdf, 8.21 MB
This PDF includes 36 full pages of various flippables, graphic organizers and activities for an Interactive Science Notebook to be used during a unit on Earth Science (8 pages are teacher answer keys).

Most foldables and flippables are left blank on the inside. This will allow you to fully customize each one for whatever curriculum or grade you teach with the information you want your students to know. Some ideas would be to use definitions, pictures, and examples. These also make a great tool to use for science differentiation as well!

Pages include information on:
•Generic Admit & Exit Ticket
•Layers of the Earth (2)
•Composition of the Earth's Crust
•Continental vs. Oceanic Crust
•Earth's Major Plates
•Plate Interactions
•Theory of Continental Drift vs. Theory of Plate Tectonics
•Alfred Wegener (who? what? where? when?)
•Plate Boundaries Card Sort
•Plates Jigsaw Puzzle
•Earth's Atmosphere
•Mohs Hardness Scale
•Identifying Unknown Minerals
•Properties of Minerals
•Special Properties of Minerals
•Rocks vs. Minerals
•Types of Rocks
•The Rock Cycle
•Topographic Maps
•Topographic Matching Activity (match landform to topo map)
•Renewable/Non-renewable Vocabulary
•Renewable/Non-renewable Energy Identification

Looking for another earth science topic? If you don’t see something here that you would like added, please send me a message and I will do my best to get it added and update this product. Updates are always FREE for buyers.

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