Ecology: Monarch butterflies (1), Mexico City pollution (2)- thematic units for SP Intermediate 1
Two units for intermediate students. Deal with the fate of our planet through ecology. This is of great interest to all and worked well in my classroom. Content-based and interdisciplinary.

Each unit includes a pre-reading, a level appropriate reading, comprehension, extension of the subject matter integrating both vocabulary and grammar. An oral that relates the content of the unit to the students' reality, homework suggestions and Internet key words for further research.

Unit 1. La contaminación en la Ciudad de México
The strength of content based units is that they present students with reality, including problems that are hard to solve. If Mexico City reduces the number of cars and cuts down the emission of CO2, the consequences are a large reduction in jobs.

Unit 2. La mariposa monarca
If the forests where the monarch butterfly spends its winter are fully protected, the people who live in the area and use the wood for cooking are left hungry. How can Mexicans solve these problems?

These two units will elicit lively and thoughtful class discussions! Your students will automatically relate the problems to their own environment and you will see how excited they can get!

I was always surprised that my students thought reducing the number of cars could never work in their own town but they always thought it was a good idea for Mexico City.


1. Subject matter: ecology
2. Vocabulary: urban life; seasons, animals
3. Grammar: poder plus infinitive; stem change UE
4 .Oral practice: urban transportation where you live; migratory animal
5. Homework: transportation; an animal
6. Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search
7. Answer key

Entirely in Spanish.
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