Edexcel GCSE Combined Science Topic P14 REVISION (Particle model)

This is a fully-resourced revision lesson that uses a combination of exam questions, understanding checks, quick tasks and quiz competitions to enable students to assess their understanding of the content found within Topic P14 (Particle model) of the Edexcel GCSE Combined Science specification.

The sub-topics and specification points that are tested within the lesson include:

  • Explain the different states of matter in terms of movement and arrangement of particles
  • Recall and use the equation to calculate density
  • Explain the differences in density between the different states of matter
  • Describe how mass is conserved during changes of state and understand how these physical changes differ from chemical changes
  • Define the terms specific heat capacity and specific latent hear and explain the differences between them
  • Use the equations to calculate change in thermal energy and thermal energy for a change in state
  • Knows way to reduce unwanted energy transfer
  • Describe the term absolute zero, in terms of the lack of movement of particles
  • Convert between the kelvin and Celsius scales

Students will be engaged through the numerous quiz rounds whilst crucially being able to recognise those areas which require their further attention during general revision or during the lead up to the actual GCSE terminal exams

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