El Día de la Raza Lectura y Cultura: Columbus Day - Cristobal Colón Reading

This 3-page file includes:

~A Spanish reading about the meaning and history of El día de la raza / Columbus Day. It discusses pre-Columbian cultures and the life and times of Christopher Columbus and how his voyages impacted the Americas. The reading includes a full glossary of new vocabulary.
~A worksheet based on the reading with 10 true/false reading comprehension questions in Spanish and a short writing assignment.
~Answer key.

Here is link to a short Spanish bio (3 min) of Columbus:
Here is a short video on Dia de la Raza 2 min)

Sample vocabulary:

el marinero
la ruta de vela
el apoyo
el descubrimiento
la tripulación
la riqueza
el catolicismo

Level: In present and past tenses



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