Varied worksheets on the topic of Pan's Lab that include activities about the director, Devil's Backbone, themes, symbols, references to other stories, characters, a gameboard and some questions for the oral. I have also included the cover of the booklet that my students have. I added the pdf documents and also the word documents for other teachers to adapt if wanted.


  • Cover.pdf
  • El-Director.pdf
  • El-Laberinto-llega-a-los-Simpsons.pdf
  • Gameboard.doc
  • Gameboard.pdf
  • La-intertextualidad.pdf
  • Los-personajes.pdf
  • Los-s-mbolos.pdf
  • Los-temas.pdf
  • Preguntas-Orales.pdf
  • Cover.docx
  • El-Director.docx
  • El-Laberinto-llega-a-los-Simpsons.docx
  • La-intertextualidad.docx
  • Los-personajes.docx
  • Los-s-mbolos.docx
  • Los-temas.docx
  • Preguntas-Orales.docx

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2 Reviews

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    user avatarBlanca15 months agoreport

    I really like this clear and fun compilation of activities and notes . The exercises are very much in line with the new exams. There are references to websites for further perusal. I loved the board game, excellent for differentiation! . Thanks Shara

    • user avatarshara_nukuReply from Author3 months ago

      Glad you liked it Blanca!

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    user avatarmeg0148408 months agoreport