Electromagnetic Induction -  Bumper lesson pack

Lessons designed to build upon students knowledge of current and magnetic fields. Includes methods of increasing the rate of induction and Flemming’s right hand rule - contains practice questions for students.

Ideal for AQA GCSE (9-1) P7, Cambridge iGCSE P9 and more

Lesson 1/2
Developing: Show understanding that a conductor moving across a magnetic field or a changing magnetic field linking with a conductor can induce an e.m.f. in the conductor.

Secure: State the factors affecting the size of an induced e.m.f.

Exceeding: Describe an experiment to demonstrate electromagnetic induction.

Lesson 2/2
Developing: Recall that an induced current always flows in a direction such that it opposes the change which produced it.

Secure: Describe an experiment to demonstrate Lenz’s law.

Exceeding: Predict the location of north and south poles of a solenoid’s magnetic field when a bar magnet approaches and recedes from the solenoid.

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