End of Year Activities - Squash Book
This End of the Year Squash Book is sure to be a hit!

They are very creative and have loads of space for students to write about their school experience - sports, what they were good at, a bit about the teacher, friends, etc.
Have included graphics for boys and for girls.

Watch the video to see how it is made ...

What is included:
A total of 22 templates - 4 left, 5 middle and 12 right templates. Students require one of each to make this craft and so you can see that there are a lot of possibilities. Plus, 1 template for the front cover, back cover and belly band. After watching the video you will see why I gave so many options for this Yearbook! Students can keep adding middle and right templates as they see fit!

Note: It is so much easier to watch the video than to try and follow written instructions so that is how you will learn to make this product.

What you need:
Just photocopy on regular photocopy paper. Students will need coloring pencils, scissors and glue.

Students will cherish this squash book for years to come ... because it really is unique and lovely! Check out the video and have a look before you purchase to make sure you love it and that it is right for your students!
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