Erica is struggling a little again and needs your help to correct what she's done and then tell her what she has done wrong. This allows students to discuss what they would do and check through solutions carefully.


  • Erica's-Errors-On-Simultaneous-Equations-and-Inequalities---Answers.docx
  • Erica's-Errors-On-Simultaneous-Equations-and-Inequalities.docx

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7 Reviews

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    user avatarCrispy8212 months agoreport

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    user avatarmissblilley2 months agoreport

    Another fantastic resource - well thought through and challenging! Helps pupils build up their skill of noticing where mistakes have arisen, a very useful tool to have!

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author2 months ago

      Thank you - pleased they are useful!

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    user avatarmarivi2 months agoreport

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    user avatarbeaumont603 months agoreport

    Love it!

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author3 months ago

      Excellent! Enjoy

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    user avatarstroevey3 months agoreport

    Perfect for my folder to pass on to ALL staff in my faculty.

    • user avataralutwycheReply from Author3 months ago

      Good stuff - I hope they like it.