Experiment2Learn: Learning The Scientific Method at School and Home
To help students learn how to develop a hypothesis and create an experiment to test it.

1. Students will examine a diagram to try and determine which of 4 cisterns will be filled with water first using pipes that are used to fill them.
2. Based on observation and critical thinking each student will create a hypothesis, then team up with students with the same theory of the problem.
3. Students will work in groups based on their hypotheses to create 3D versions of the drawings to test their hypotheses.
4. Students will discuss their findings with the entire class and share how they came to their conclusion.
5. Students will revise their hypothesis based on the results of their experiments and class discussion.
*6. Students will follow up the discussion by following links online to see various approaches to the problem.
*7. Students will tackle problems related to the topic to use mathematics
to find solutions.
*Grades 6 and 7, 4-7 gifted only

Materials Needed (Grades K-3, Special Education Middle School):
1. Milk cartons
2. Straws
3. 1 liter bottles half full of water

Materials Needed (Grades 4-7, Special Education High School):
1. 1 or 2 liter bottle
2. Straws
4. Plastic water pitchers

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