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Fairy Tales: 5/4 Fitness Fantasy Game

Like it or not, Pokémon Go has gotten children and adults away from their computers, playing video games and off their couches, watching TV while surfing social media. People of all ages are walking, riding bikes, and probably skate boarding around towns and cities, as well as college campuses, searching for the popular little creatures to capture in their cell phones. The downside - distracted players not watching where they're going and risking accidents, predatory attacks, and the zombie-like throngs walking the street - has put a damper on this internationally popular game. However, this curriculum reflects the influence of the upside of Pokémpn Go: getting people moving.

Physical fitness has become a real health concern in the digital age with people of all ages playing video games for hours on end with little or no physical movement except to click a mouse or work the controls on a game console. Physical Education is not provided in many schools at a time when it's needed most. This unit that spans all grades (older children involved in the activities can also work with younger children as coaches and mentors) uses familiar fairy tales that are reflected in the various fitness activities inspired by these age-old stories that most children have either read (or heard as bedtime stories) or seen in movies. Note: Older children can also create their own games based on Super Heroes in comic books and/ or movies.

Since most schools do not have the tech tools to make this a digital game like Pokémon Go, 5/4 Fitness activities use available or inexpensive materials (some of which schools may have in the supply room). A few purchases will have to be made for things like plastic and actual eggs, apples, climbing ropes, etc. Safety concerns should be observed at all times. Older students may also need to wear protective gear to avoid scrapping knees and elbows, as well as helmets, for some activities. Students' medical needs and limitations must also be taken into consideration for some activities, such as five minutes lying in a "coffin," running with a pea in each shoe, or running in only one shoe, etc.

There are also bonus rounds for students to play to earn extra points or break a tie. Points can be traded for Golden Coins that can be used to purchase free time. Information about the games will be posted on social media (Facebook). If enough schools get involved, sponsors will be added to provide schools with the highest scores at the end of the school year a chance to win tech tools like laptops, tablets, smart boards, cells, etc. This would allow the game to be supported by technology to keep track of points earned, interact with players from other schools, provide videos of games and players, etc.


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