Feeling Charts

These feeling charts have been created to be an interactive, frequently-used, classroom resource. The more students utilize the charts, the more the classroom as a whole and the student as an individual, will benefit. Students better understand their own emotions when they learn to identify what they are feeling; and proceed to learn how to cope with those emotions. This, in return, allows for a positive classroom environment with less confusion and more understanding between students and teachers.

-There are 24 feelings included: aggressive, angry, annoyed, bored, calm, cold, confident, confused, disappointed, embarrassed, excited, friendly, frustrated, funny, grumpy, happy, hot, hungry, hurt, lazy, motivated, nervous, overwhelmed, proud, quiet, sad, scared, shy, sick, silly, surprised, tired

-One large feelings chart. Three miniature feelings charts.

-All emoji faces are labeled with their emotion.

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