First Grade Literacy Centers for the Year
First Grade Literacy Centers for the Year. This ALL YEAR Literacy Bundle is PERFECT for first graders. The activities in this bundle are designed to meet common core standards for 1st grade.

This 273 page bundle is full of literacy activities to incorporate into your daily classroom activities.

This First Grade Literacy Centers for the Year includes:
Unit 1:
-phonics: short a
- words to know
-comprehension: character chart
-comprehension: character
-ending: s, short a
-text features: photographs
-phonics: short a
-double final consonants
-study skills: parts of a book
-phonics: short I
-phonics: final blends: nd, st, nt, nk
-comprehension: author's purpose chart
-cvcc words
-literacy element: rhyme
and more...

Unit 2:
-phonics: short o
-words to know
-comprehension: main idea and details web
-comprehension: main idea and details
-ending: ed
-phonics: digraphs: sh, th
-ending: -ing
-study skill: dictionary
-phonics: digraphs: sh, th, short e, o
-phonics: short u
-contractions: 's
-text features: directions
and more...

Unit 3:
-phonics: long a
-words to know
-comprehension: predictions chart
-comprehension: make predictions
-endings: -ed, -ing
-words to know
-comprehension: compare and contrast
-one- and two- syllable words
-literary element: word choice
-phonics: digraphs: ch, tch, wh
-phonics: long I
-phonics: blends, scr, spl, spr, str
and more...

Unit 4:
-phonics: long o
-words to know
-endings: -er, -est
-literary element: repetition
-phonics: long o, i, a
-phonics: long u
-words to know
-comprehension: conclusions chart
-comprehension: draw conclusions
-vocabulary strategy: context clues
-CVCe words
-text feature: floor plan
-phonics: long u, o
and more...

Unit 5:
-phonics: long o
-words to know
-comprehension: fantasy and reality chart
-comprehension: fantasy and reality
-vocabulary strategy: dictionary
-ending: -y
-comprehension: problem and solution chart
-comprehension: problem and solution
-vocabulary strategy: word parts
-endings: -er, -est
-text feature: diagram
-phonics: r-controlled vowel: ar
-abbreviations: Mr., Sat., Dr.

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