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This is a complete, highly visual powerpoint presentation about Flower Painting Art as done by major painters in Art History.


Bring up the subject of painting flowers and some might immediately think of young Regency Era women. They were expected to develop accomplishments and painting watercolors of flora and fauna was acceptable.

This is not an accurate account, however, of how paintings of flowers came about in the history of art.

Flowers were prized by the nobility and the wealthy centuries ago. It was a sign of your great status to have a garden, a library stocked with books and art works about the garden and so forth. Thus, men higher up in class were fully involved in gardens and flowers. It was not considered a “woman’s hobby.”

Impressionists, Post Impressionists, and Fauvists amply covered flower painting. If one wants beautiful representations of flowers in art, all three of these movements contain outstanding art works.

Among the Impressionists, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Camille Pissarro and others, painted flowers the world fell in love with generation after generation.

Likewise the Post Impressionists had the prolific floral output of Vincent van Gogh, along with the flower paintings of Paul Gauguin, Henri Rousseau and others.

Henri Matisse and Raoul Dufy applied their vivid true colors to flowers after the above artists.

The problem which presented after all of these gorgeous flower masterpieces, is what would the artists of succeeding generations do next? If they did the same kind of painting, they would be called derivative and be dismissed. So each had to come up with something different as each new Movement sprang into being.

Some of these movements had no interest in pursuing the beauty of the flower so it had to be approached as subject matter from a whole different vantage point.

In the early 20th century, the Cubists fragmented the flower into geometric shapes. The flowers were made into cylinders or spheres or orbs. These looked nothing like what one would receive in the real world as a flower....CONTINUED IN PRESENTATION
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