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Force & Motion Differentiation Stations

This is the Force & Motion Differentiation Stations. This product consists of six different stations for students to learn about Force & Motion.

How It Works:

Station 1- Vocabulary matching game allows students to match key vocabulary terms with definitions.
Station 2- This station allows students to read an article focusing on Force & Motion to answer multiple-choice questions.
Station 3- Students are given the opportunity to sketch major concepts about Force & Motion.
Station 4- The student reads a passage and then writes constructed responses.
Station 5- Students read provided fact cards and writes down the correct vocabulary term.
Station 6 – Students have a kinestetic experience concerning Force and Motion.



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6 years ago


8 years ago

No great. American spellings. Long baseball scenario. Comprehension task is pages of reading . Same text for 2 activities. Not all content is on GCSE spec - some rather obscure.

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