These French film resources are used to introduce, analyse and discuss the general topic of film and, in addition, the films on the WJEC GCE A2 syllabus. Students are introduced to general film vocabulary as well as film specific vocabulary. Detailed viewing exercises are designed to exploit the main themes in each film. In addition, the content of each film is used to practise grammatical points, translation skills and essay work adhering to the WJEC mark scheme. The resources promote whole class discussion as a result of individual research and listening and reading tasks.


  • 1_Genres_Cards.doc
  • 2_Genres_Definitions.doc
  • 3_General_Film_Vocabulary.doc
  • 4_General_Film_Vocab_Jigsaw.doc
  • 5_Film_Vocabulary_Research.doc
  • 6_Film_Title_Activity.doc
  • 7_Viewing_Template.doc
  • 8_Opening_Sequence.doc
  • 9_Jean_Pierre_Jeunet_True_Or_False.doc
  • 10_La_Distribution.doc
  • 11_Amelie_Vocabulary.doc
  • 12_Amelie_Vocabulary_Jigsaw.doc
  • 13_Lesson_Starters.ppt
  • 14_Synopsis.doc
  • 15_Adjectives.ppt
  • 16_Adjectives_Exercises.doc
  • Amelie_Teacher_Guide.doc
  • Background_And_Planning.doc
  • Improving_Teaching_And_Learning.doc

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    An amazing amount of hard work. Using some of this to do a 6th form taster lesson. Thank you.

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    Using these as a basis to adapt for another film - great, thank you!

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    Quelle ressource magnifique! Merci mille fois!

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    Wow! Love this :D

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    Thank you for this it is very very useful