Functional Skills Maths L2 Keep calm and pass your exam includes answers

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9 pages of functional skills revision questions. The questions are aimed at L2. I wrote this for a workshop that was just an hour before the exam to go over key mistakes that most learners make. Includes averages, range, fractions, percentages, Reverse calculations, Volume of a cone and cylinder. Scatter graphs, area and perimeter, converting between imperial/metric. Currency conversion., scale drawing, pie charts and bar charts. Answers added.


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    user avataryell9933a month agoreport

    Formatting is a little poor and text from one question goes onto following page. I have changed to Comicsans font and reorganised to make an eight page booklet. L1 please.

    • user avatarjonesk5Reply from Authora month ago

      Thanks I'll give that a try. Helpful feedback always welcome. :)