A set of powerpoints covering all topics in FP2. Examples labelled WB correspond to the separately attached 'Workbook' (I give this as a single booklet so pupils have a clear model answer to each topic). References to Exercises are from the Pearson Edexcel FP2 textbook. Mistakes on complex numbers now corrected.


  • 1 Inequalities.ppt
  • 2 Series.ppt
  • 3 Maclaurin and Taylor series.ppt
  • 5 First order DEs.ppt
  • 6 Second order DEs.ppt
  • 7 Series solutions of DEs.ppt
  • 8 Polar coordinates.ppt
  • 9 Complex numbers loci & transformations.ppt
  • workbook.rtf
  • 4-Complex-numbers-de-Moivre.pptx

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