GCSE Forces Topic

A series of Skills and How Science Works worksheets.

This can be purchased in this bundle as separate documents or as a booklet where all resources are in one document:

GCSE Forces Booklet - (Preview here)

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Describe the effects of forces between bodies such as changes in speed, shape or direction
  • Identify different types of forces such as gravitational or electrostatic
  • Understand how vector quantities differ from scalar quantities
  • Understand that force is a vector quantity
  • Calculate the resultant force of forces acting along a line
  • Know that friction is a force that opposes motion
  • Know and use the relationship between unbalanced force, mass and acceleration
  • Know and use the relationship between weight, mass and gravitational field strength
  • Describe the forces acting on falling objects (and explain why falling objects reach a terminal velocity)


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Created: Nov 3, 2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

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