I am a secondary and adult education French and ESL teacher and I love creating resources that help my students have fun with languages! You'll see many speaking games, grammar games, and task cards in my shop.

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Here are 120 NO PREP French conversation starters in the form of task cards. There is a question on each card. You can pick and choose the ones that are at the right level for your students. These cards are perfect for building speaking skills!

This is a great speaking activity for small groups. Students of ages high school to adult learners will benefit from this exercise by building their vocabulary skills and using all of the grammar they've been learning.

Just cut out the 120 cards, punch holes in the spaces provided and attach the stack of cards with a key ring. It would be a great idea to print on card stock and laminate the cards before punching holes and attaching them. Super easy and no prep for years to come. Both black and white and color versions are included.

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A bundle is a package of resources grouped together to teach a particular topic, or a series of lessons, in one place.


French conversation starter cards bundle - Intermediate to advanced

This is a bundle of 273 speaking prompt cards mostly for intermediate to advanced students and even for adult learners. Two of the sets are written only in French. One set is written in French and English and that's a good way for low intermediate learners to learn a lot of new vocabulary and engage in speaking French. Includes: - 70 cards to print for upper intermediate + file for projecting or tablets - 83 cards to print for intermediate + file for projecting or tablets - 120 bilingual cards for beginners to advanced Be sure to visit my shop and browse through 500+ resources like grammar games, speaking activities, listening comprehension, worksheets, and much more. [Just click here!](http://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/jenniferlcrespin) **Here's what some teachers have to say about these French conversation cards:** Great addition to my resources. Merci. The students really enjoy using these for our conversation times. Excellent resource! Many different verb tenses used. I am looking forward to using them later in the year with my french 3 students. I love these! Thank you so much for putting these together. Printed and put on rings they are a great filler for any time. Use these cards at the end of the year to bring together all that your upper level students have learned, use them at back to school as a review, or just cut them out and have them ready to go on key rings at any time of the year for quick bell ringer activities or for when you want your students to practice speaking French. You can even use these cards as writing prompts. Merci beaucoup!


GCSE FRENCH: French Ice-Breaker Bundle for Back to School

Are you looking for fun ideas for the first weeks back at school to help your students get to know each other and get back into the swing of speaking French? This is a bundle of my 9 favorite resources that I've created over the years specifically for that reason! These speaking activities, games and listening comprehension activities will start off the year in French with a bang and get your students motivated while having loads of fun. You're going to love hearing your students speaking French together. Two of the resources included are specific to back to school time while the other seven can be used year round. You can use them at all levels in the classroom as well as with your school's French club when you're looking for a fun activity to get them speaking French or for long bus rides on school sponsored trips. These are wonderful activities either for French immersion or French as a second language programs. I recommend printing, laminating, cutting out, punching holes and attaching the cards together with a ring for NO PREP activities for years to come, and for the 100 French speaking activity worksheets I've found that it is best to print them all out and keep them in a binder for easy access when you need to make photocopies. Here's another idea for back to school...Have your studentstake an online test to see what their current level is in French! Here's what's included in this money saving bundle. Just click on the links to see more in depth product descriptions: 50 vrai ou faux French questions \- Use these cards for partnered speaking practice. Answers are included. If a student believes the statement to be true he says so. If he believes it to be false he has to try and correct it. The statements are mostly based on general knowledge and are a wonderful way to increase vocabulary and fluency. Qu'est-ce que tu préférerais - "I'd rather" French speaking cards \- This is a set of 75 cards that you can use to practice the conditional even with students who haven't yet learned it! A fantastic resource for building vocabulary and generating conversation. French trivia game \- Your students will LOVE this trivia game. There is a version only in French and one in both English and French for beginner students. I've included many ways that you can use these cards including a powerpoint version so that you can do a class activity. Je n'ai jamais - "I've never" French speaking game \- This "I've never" game is a great ice-breaker and students will find out a lot about each other (in French) while playing. There's a French only version as well as a French - English version included. 120 French conversation starter cards \- These cards are perfect for beginner to advanced students. Shuffle through the cards to pick out which are right for the level you're teaching. Use them throughout the year(s) as your students learn more. Classic French taboo speaking game \- My all time favorite game for increasing fluency at ANY level - FRENCH TABOO!! All game cards are in French and English so your students will learn tons of new vocabulary. Beginner and advanced playing instructions are included. Babar - La Rentrée des Classes - Listening comprehension \- This listening comprehension activity will work at any level, but especially from year 2 and up. All 45 questions have multiple choice answers and are in chronological order. The video link included is on YouTube. 25 questions pour faire parler à la rentrée \- Just perfect for back to school, these 25 questions will have your students talking to each other about summer break and expectations for the new school year. 100 French worksheets for group speaking activities - 100 vocabulary themes Fantastic for any time of the year, these 100 one page worksheets will have your students speaking about just anything you can imagine. It's a great way to review and reinforce vocabulary. Instructions are included which explain my favorite ways to use these worksheets.




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well worth the money. Thanks.

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