GCSE FRENCH: French Speaking Activity: Faire de la Conversation
Your students are going to learn a lot with this lesson, and it will have them speaking to each other in no time. This lesson can easily be used with beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners. You can adapt it to every level. Beginners should at least know the verbs être and avoir and some very basic vocabulary. More advanced students can go far, as there are many possibilities.

Activity 1 Practice making conversation during a phone call from your friend, Luc. He will ask you to come to his party. Your lines are fairly open-ended, but they must correspond to what he says next, so watch out!

Activity 2 Before moving on to the second part of this speaking activity, let’s review some of the most common professions. You can practice this new vocabulary by clicking on the link above which will bring you to a set of review exercises on Quizlet. This document contains a list of professions in English and French, then there's another part with only the French word and an image. All of the images correspond to the images found within the Quizlet study set. After reviewing the professions vocabulary, proceed to the next page where you will see a picture of 11 different people, all with different professions.

Activity 3 Tout d’abord, comment s’appellent ces gens, quel âge ont-ils, et quelles sont leurs professions? Have a look at the people in this picture. Use your imagination to determine what their professions are (you may not have the same ideas as others, and that’s ok). Once you’ve determined their professions, tell us what their names
are, and how old they are. Again, use your imagination, and try to come up with some French names!

Look just below the picture to see an example, then complete the exercise by providing the same information for the other 10 people in the picture (left to right).

Activity 4 Now let’s imagine we’re at a party (une soirée). It’s time to make polite conversation (ce qui peut être difficile, mais nous sommes très polis, et intéressants!) Let’s imagine that all of the people in the picture above are at the party, but they don’t know each other. It’s time to make small talk (faire des rencontres et des échanges), en français!

Activity 5 Randomly choose two people from the picture above. You’ve already established their names, ages, and professions.
The objective here is to have two people who don’t know each other make small talk. You will be practicing your conversation skills, which are: starting a conversation, continuing a conversation, and ending a conversation.
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