GCSE FRENCH: J'ai... Qui a? French Clothes Vocabulary Game - Les Vêtements
This is a really fun game to practice with your students who are learning vocabulary about LES VÊTEMENTS, and it involves NO PREP. I've included both a beginner and intermediate version of the game. The beginner version has the words written out and the intermediate version only shows pictures. Have a look at the thumbnails to see what they look like.

Each version includes 38 cards. Depending on class size you could either give each student more than one card or have them play with a partner. I recommend printing out and laminating these cards if possible so that you can use them over and over again.

Here's how this game works. Once each student has a card (or cards), the one who has the card that says JE COMMENCE starts the game. He says, for example, Je commence. J'ai le pantalon. Qui a les chaussures? The person who has the card with shoes on it says, J'ai les chaussures. Qui a le costume? And so the game goes on until the last card is called and that student's card will say, J'ai fini!

Another idea is to prepare two sets of cards, divide your class into two groups and let each group have a go to see which team can get through the entire deck of cards the fastest. If the vocabulary is completely new you could start out with the beginner deck and as the words become more familiar you could move on to the intermediate level. It's really a lot of fun, and though you can play with younger students the older ones love this game just as much.
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