GCSE Hinduism - Lesson 6/20 [Brahman, Bhagvan (and Ishvara), Nirguna/Saguna, Antaryami, Smartism]

GCSE Hinduism - Lesson 6/20 [Brahman, Bhagvan (and Ishvara), Nirguna/Saguna, Antaryami, Smartism]


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This is the sixth in a series of lessons on Hinduism for GCSE level students for the 'Beliefs, Teachings & Practices' section of the course [section A].

It is designed around the OCR specification and is therefore suitable for teachers using the AQA specification (which is a less detailed equivalent to the OCR spec) and highly relevant to GCSE Religious Studies teachers regardless of the specification used.

The Download (comprising 8(+) files, within one zip file) includes:
-A PPT Containing a Full Lesson
-A complete lesson plan covering: objectives, key-words, differentiation, and lesson timeline
-An information/notes sheet about Brahman
-Images for leaflet design task (2 page word document)
-3 Videos about The Nature of Brahman and associated Hindu beliefs.
-A Homework Task

The topic of the lesson focusses on the following part of the specification:
Brahman (Features of The Divine)

• The concept of Brahman as the eternal, omnipresent and all-pervading divinity, unlimited, infinite and impersonal (nirguna) and as the personal deity manifested in forms (saguna)
• The nature of Brahman as both all-pervading and within the heart of an individual (antaryami/antharyami)
• Brahman as the supreme person (Bhagvan, or Ishvara) living in a spiritual realm
• The significance of different ways of understanding Brahman and how this relates to other concepts, including liberation (moksha)
• Common and divergent emphases placed on features of the divine by different Hindu groups, including the importance of the relationship to a personal deity
• Different interpretations and emphases given to sources of wisdom and authority by different Hindu groups

• Chandogya Upanishad IV, x, 4–5
• Chandogya Upanishad V, x, 3
• Kena Upanishad I

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