George Washington and  Abe Lincoln: Literacy in History Unit
The activities in this unit are CCSS aligned with grades 4-8. These lessons and activities are differentiated and engaging. Students will learn about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the office of the Presidency as they work through Readers’ Theater scripts, Fluency exercises, compare and contrast writing assignments, projects: Make Your Own Ink and Write a Letter to the President and source document analysis and study.

69- Pages Including – George Washington PowerPoint and Notes Template for Students

Part 1
Page 4: Reader’s Theater Script Instructions
Page 5-8: Reader’s Theater 1: “George Washington’s Years with His Brother”
Pages 9-11: Reader’s Theater 2: “It’s Presidents’ Day”
Pages 12-13: Reader’s Theater 3: “Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address”
Pages 14-15: Reader’s Theater 4: “Facts About Lincoln”
Differentiated for Struggling Readers
Pages 16-17: Reader’s Theater 5: “The Gettysburg Address”
Part of Lincoln for advanced readers
Page 18: Instructions for “Lincoln vs. Washington Compare and Contrast Differentiated Writing Assignment”
Page 19-22: Lincoln vs. Washington Compare an Contrast Reading
Page 23: Lincoln vs. Washington – graphic organizer activity
Page 24: Lincoln vs. Washington Essay notes Template
Page 25: Instructions to Five Minutes to Fluency Practice and Comprehension.
Page 27: Grade Level Fluency Chart
Page 28-31: Four Multi-Level Presidents’ Day Themed Fluency Passages
Page 32-35: Alternative Fluency Assignments for Advanced Learners – “Working With Source Documents – The Gettysburg Address
Page 36-40: Relevant CCSS

President Washington Literacy and Math Unit With Some History on the Side

Part 2
Pages 4-6: Guided Reading Exercises and Questions
Page 7: Fluency and Comprehension Passages and Questions
Page 8: George Washington Fluency Practice The Early Years
Page 9: Comprehension Questions
Page 10: George Washington Fluency A Man of Manners
Page 11: Comprehension Questions
Page 12: George Washington Fluency Practice George Meets Martha
Page 13: Comprehension Questions
Page 14: George Washington Fluency Practice George Protests
Page 15: Comprehension Questions
Page 16: George Washington Fluency Practice Father of the Country
Page 17: Comprehension Questions
Pages 18-19: Critically Thinking Activity: Colonial Manners – Think Critically The Art of Civility
Page 22: Washington and Me: Presidential Material – Comparison Activity
Page 23: I Would Be a Great President Writing Activity
Page 24: Math Problem Puzzles
Page 25: Math Word Problems
Page 26-27: Letter to Martha or George: Letter Writing Activity; Make Your Own Ink for Letter Writing: Letter Writing Template
Page 28: Answer Key
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