Google Earth Bumper Volume **VALUE**
100 plus pages of self-directing activities for the Middle School students.

Google Earth Worksheets
More than 50 pages of Blackline Masters for upper primary/lower secondary students.
All worksheet activities are completed with the fabulous Google Earth application which is free to download on to your PC or Mac from Activities require minimum teacher direction and provide maximum learning for the student.

• Constellation conundrum
• Landmarks
• Cruise around the world
• Help!! Endangered species
• The Galapagos Islands
• Continents
• Google Moon
• The Earth's Grid System
• Make the World a Better Place
• Mission to Mars
• Majestic Mountains
• My Google Earth Autobiography
• Mysterious Locations
• National Parks
• Ocean Explorer
• Ocean Investigations
• The Olympics
• The ABCs of Google Earth
• Bonjour, Mon Ami


Layers Reference and Activity Booklet
Google Earth has over 50 layers of information and all are explained in this booklet, along with student activities designed to allow the student to explore each of the layers and track down the type of fascinating information that can be found on each layer.
Layers are also given a value rating so that teachers can go directly to the most valuable layer with the most educational information.
The booklet includes definitions and activities around the following Google Earth layers:
• Borders and Labels
• Photos
• 3D Buildings
• Ocean
• Weather
• Gallery
• Global Awareness
• and more
Key points of interest are highlighted and quirky little tips are included.
This is a true reference book for any student or teacher who works with Google Earth.

_______________________________________________________How to Zoom and Fly
A slide show that instructs users on how to use these basic functions of Zooming and Flying around Google Earth.
Download this Powerpoint slide set to show your students how to use and practice the zooming and flying functions. Easy to follow - students could review them at their own pace.


Longitude and Latitude Worksheets
Lesson Plan with worksheets for the Secondary classroom that teaches the principles of Longitude and Latitude using the popular Google Earth.
The worksheets are simple and self-guiding. There is an answer sheet at the end of the booklet.
The lesson takes about 3 weeks to complete and there are additional worksheets that the early finishers can work on to further extend their knowledge. Objectives included.

More Google Earth Worksheets
32 pages of printable worksheets for the Upper Primary student. Clear instructions, clear print and totally self-guiding
Use Google Earth to complete these self-directed worksheets. Easy to use and very educational.
A wide range of topics covered, including:
- Religions of the world
- Capital cities
- Deserts
- Trip planning and more


Google Earth Task Cards
46 Task Cards with 46 activities for students to explore Google Earth.

Activities include:
- measuring distance with ruler function
- calculating area
- using longitude and latitude
- mastering Google Earth tools and applications
- understanding continents, countries
- exploring Google Sky, Moon and Mars
- zooming in to significant landmarks
- investigative work on the ground
- and much more.

Comprehensive Answer Key included.

Print out cards on to firm board - easy two-cut template to create four cards per page.

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Google Earth Worksheets
How to Zoom and Fly on Google Earth
Longitude and Latitude with Google Earth

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