Grade 4 State Test Review Bundle (Math & Science State Tests)


★This is an All-in-one test-prep bundle!

-The Kindergarten through Grade 4 Science Common Core Questions typed out and ready to print for students to answer and go over (Microsoft Word Document & matching Smart Board document)

-A Smart Board Various Concepts review K-4 document

-Vocab to know for the NYS grade 4 test printout (Microsoft Word document)

-Links to YouTube videos to review K-4 concepts

★The NYS Science Tests (parts 1 & 2, with answer keys/scoring rubrics) in the following formats: Smart Board documents & printable PDF’s for the following years:

★All together this bundle has:
-8 Smart Board documents
-13 PDF’s to print
-6 Microsoft Word documents
-1 PowerPoint

★The K-4 concepts reviewed in the Various Concepts Smart Board documents, Microsoft Word documents, as well as the tests, and video links are:
-Food Chains
-Life Cycles
-Life Span
-Water Cycle
-Plant Life Cycles & more!

★This bundle helps my students and me prepare for the Common Core science grade 4 state test.


I created this review bundle for teachers, students, and parents to prepare and review for the 4th grade NYS test, or to review Engage NY Modules 1-5 skills.

★Skills include:
Place value, Rounding, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Measurement, Angle Measure & Plane Figures, and Fractions

There are isolated skills for practice, word problems, multi-step problems with visuals, and so forth.

★This Bundle includes:
The NYS released questions & the Answers/Explanations–Parts 1-3 (PDF & Smart Board documents) for the following years:


-Link to the 2014 NYS released questions online exam with answer key
(Microsoft Word document)

-Modules 1-5 Review–sorted by Engage NY Module topic skills
(Microsoft Word documents & Smart Board document)

-Modules 1-5 various mixed skills review
(PDF & Smart Board document)

-Modules 1-5 “Important Concepts” Smart Board interactive document

-Multiplication, Division, Geometry, and Fractions visuals & strategies handouts

-Math Key Words handouts/posters (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

-Geometry PDF & Power Point documents showing geometry in the real world (playground, house, porch railing, symmetry, etc.)

-10 Smart Board documents
-20 PDF documents
-5 Power Point documents
-5 Microsoft Word documents

★This bundle helps my students prepare for the NYS test, as well as review their math skills.

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Grade 4 Math & Science State Test Reviews
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Math & Science State Test Review Bundle

Multiplication & Division Resources
Multiplication Strategies
Division Strategies
Multiplication & Division Strategies Bundle
Multiplication Word Problems
Division Word Problems
Multiplication & Division Word Problems Bundle
Mult. Basketball Smart Bd Game: 3 digits x 1 digit
Mult. Basketball Smart Bd Game: 2 digits x 2 digits
Multiplication Smart Board Practice: 2 digits x 2 digits
Div. Basketball Smart Bd Game: 2 digits by 1 digit
Div. Basketball Smart Bd Game: 3-4 digits by 1 digit

I skillfully enhance EngageNY-Eureka Math Modules for teachers, students, and parents.

Enhancements include:
⇨simplified directions for students
⇨enlarged font
⇨bold and underlined key words
⇨better page layout ≫work space
⇨text boxes, tables, charts

Student pages include:
⇨Every module lesson
⇨Lesson objectives ≫typed out on every lesson
⇨Application problems ≫typed out
⇨Problem Sets
⇨Exit Tickets
⇨Higher-Order-Thinking Questions writing prompts ≫typed out
⇨Math Writing Rubric for H.O.T. questions
⇨Some lessons have extra problem set & homework practice
⇨Some lessons have “pre-requisite lessons” to build understanding
⇨Review for the Mid-Module Assessment & key {aligned to the Mid-Module test}
⇨Mid-Module Assessment & key
⇨Review for the End of Module Assessment & key {aligned to the End of Module test}
⇨End of Module assessment & key
⇨Module Vocabulary handout
⇨Parent Newsletters for all unit topics

Smart Board lessons include:
⇨Every enhanced module lesson is included
⇨Interactive features that support learning such as: {place value charts, fraction tiles, rulers, protractors, dice, diagrams, etc.}
⇨Strategies Handouts for students & parents
⇨Many lessons include: activities & links to supportive videos, games, and songs that match the lesson objectives

My teachers, students, and parents love the way these lessons are laid out and enhanced/modified. I hope that you do as well.
If you like my products, please leave positive feedback, and follow me.
-Mathster Vakkas



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