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These resources are designed to get students to understand properly the topic they are working on. The sets of worksheets include a lot of repetition and are useful for teaching a topic or revision . Some of my resources are at a very basic level and are written for older teenagers and adults. If you like my style please send me suggestions of topics that you would like to see a resource created for.

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pdf, 529.06 KB

Draw perpendicular gradient on grids in these 7 worksheets to see and understand the relationship between the gradients of perpendicular lines. Excellent revision/extension for work on gradients. The answers are included.

Find the gradient of lines on grids and then draw lines perpendicular to them. Use y = mx + c to find the equations of perpendicular lines.

Ideal for bridging the gap between higher GCSE and AS-level and providing real understanding.

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6 years ago

Great resource as it makes students really visualise gradients and 'see' what it means for two lines to be perpendicular.

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