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Are you trying to help your students see the connection between slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard form? If so, Graph-A-Palooza is the activity for you.

With four pages and a total of 16 problems, students will begin by finding the slope between two points. Once they find the slope, students will write an equation in point slope form and then convert that equation to slope intercept form. After this, students will convert their equation to standard form and use that equation to easily find the x and y intercepts. Students will plot the two given two points, any x and y intercepts that they find, and then they will draw a line connecting the points. Students should then verify that the slope matches their graphs and that all the concepts and ideas connect together.

This is a great activity to reinforce the three forms of equations and see how they are all connected. Students must be able to work with fractions and distribution to complete all of the problems.



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8 years ago

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