High Frequency Words Spelling Worksheets
The resource contains a set of 30 spelling practice worksheets on the first 100 high-frequency words. The spellings are in phase order. The sheets are further differentiated into three. The first set provides the opportunity for pupils to create sentences with the words. The second set is just for spelling practice, The third set is for those students who find the mechanics of writing challenging. They are able to write over the words. (There are 30 worksheets in total). They are ideal for homework.

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First One Hundred High Frequency Words Resource Pack

The pack contains:

Four PowerPoints containing the first 100 high-frequency words in phase order building blocks based theme
10 Spelling Practice Worksheets (differentiated). Ideal for homework
Word mat of the first 100 high-frequency words
Four word searches on the first 100 high-frequency words (phase order)
FlashCards of all 100 high-frequency words- ideal for starter sessions and group work
A set of certificates to award to pupils for progress and achievements in mastering the reading and spelling of the first 100 words

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