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Resources to aid study in Black British history and identity. Subjects: English, Social History, Art & Design, Citizenship & PSHE. Based on six Heritage Lottery Fund productions, with oral histories, archive photographs, individual units of work, stage plays, illustrations, and videos. Teachers and parents can create unique learning activities, lesson plans, and comprehension questions—many FREE resources available to support home learning and beyond.

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Designed to help students, 11-16 in subjects, Citizenship, History, PSHE and English understand the experiences of the white community in seeing large groups of Caribbean people arriving in Britain after the Second World War - 1948 to 1962 - 8 pages, black and white, PDF format. Based on social history research, the resource has heart felt interviews and discussions with English elders and students , from the London borough of Camden.

In July 2008 three oral history workshops were held in Camden, for the Heritage Lottery Funded educational project Building Bridges. This involved interviews and discussions between secondary school students and elders from the host community which covered various topics: work, schooling,housing, cultural & social changes and impact on family life. Teachers will find the pack a useful guide for comparing the Caribbean, and other immigrants, experiences with those of the host community.

This resource is filled with supporting never before seen photographic archives and model general questions, for example:
What were your feelings on seeing Caribbean people after the war?
Elder Bob said, " I can remember when I went to my Primary school. We sat in our lines and suddenly these two black girls walked into the gym hall and they sat next to the head teacher; we’d never seen a black child before. Apparently, they had come over on the Empire Windrush with their parents."

The resource concludes with messages to the young black children, for example,
Elder Imogen offered words of support, “Don’t forget your background. I think it’s really important to be proud.”

The pack contains visual images which the pupils can use to share ideas, even before they begin writing. The pictures can be used in a variety of ways:
for example to tell a story, or to look at the style of 1940s fashion and compare to present fashion trends.

The resource is suitable for different key stages and curriculum requirements and is firmly rooted in the tradition of oral storytelling, helping to bring to the forefront unheard stories of our past and to build a bridge to a better future for our young people.

Building Bridges, the resource for schools was part of a Heritage Lottery funded project, for Full Spectrum Productions. An half hour documentary, was also produced and directed by Lorna Holder was premiered at the British Museum and , aired on Teacher’s TV in 2008. Attached is the flyer.

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Home Learning- After the Second World War

Four resources for summer holiday homeschooling. Designed to help students age code, 11-16 and their families understand life in London after the Second World War, 1939 -1945. English Elders account on Windrush- Building Bridges: A research resource showing the experiences of the white community in seeing large groups of Caribbean people arriving in Britain. This is a 8 page black/white resource , filled with never before seen photographic archives and model general questions. Building Bridges - A case study: Compliments the above resource. Demonstrates the interactions between the older and younger generation , through oral history workshops and shared discussions. Empire Windrush- The Ones We Left Behind: A short video. English Elder, Belle Johansson from Camden, London shares her experience in watching the Pathe news in her local cinema and seeing the arrival of Caribbean people on the Empire Windrush in June 1948. London after the Blitz: English Elder Belle Johansson , continues sharing her valuable life story. She talks about the painful experiences many families endured in London during and after the war, and the heartfelt decisions individuals later made in leaving loved ones behind to find a new life in a foreign country. Parents and teachers can create unique learning activities for home schooling during the summer term and beyond. The resources also enables family elders to share their stories with the young, prompting family discussions and learning.


Living Under One Roof promotion

Living Under One Roof: This promotion contains four useful resources for teachers and students to help develop their knowledge and understanding of the global movement of families and communities. This pack is suitable for home learning and will help parents through the summer term. The format of research into local communities, workshops, and drama productions, shown in the many photographs and narratives of all the resources, is an innovative way of engaging all ages. Building Bridges resource pack: oral history research document with unique images, captures and presents the stories (real voices) of elders from the host community in London. The elders share their unique stories on seeing Caribbean people arriving in large numbers after the 2nd World War. Year 7+ students. Moving Out: a resource for year 7+ students, based on oral history research, showing the experiences of Caribbean settlers in industrial Nottingham during the 1960s, working in the mining industry and the NHS. Hanging Out: a book about the 1950s and 1960s youth culture in four boroughs in London and dealt with fashion, music, film, sports, and entertainment. For fine art, fashion, media, and film Year 12 students and adults. The Ones We Left Behind: a drama production resource: This book encompasses stories from many communities about families separated by continents, relocating to new countries, even merely moving from one city to another and bring to light the impact of leaving loved ones behind. The resource includes a stage play and monologue, useful for school drama productions, for Year 7+ students. A unique Christmas bundle for learning about diverse communities through the medium of art, fashion, history, drama English and social history.





3 years ago

Looking forward to using the images as resource for my art lessons, as these well chosen photographs will be truly invaluable. Useful teaching material for many other other areas of the curriculum.


3 years ago

This is a valuable resource for teachers to use as it is the genuine "voice of the past". Sessions with Londoners and with elders of the Caribbean community have been faithfully recorded and then transcribed so that students can be put in touch with how people behaved when the Windrush immigrants arrived. Vivid, well chosen photographs give added interest. Useful teaching material for history, citizenship, sociology and many other areas of the curriculum.


3 years ago

I would highly recommend this resource. The images alone are striking but the accompanying text builds a vivid story of how immigrants settled in post war Britain and how they were perceived. Hopefully this can teach us that it is as important to "Build Bridges" now as it was back then!

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