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These workbooks cover the following topics:

*Christian Beliefs
*Marriage and Family
*Living the Christian Life
*Matters of Life and Death
*Muslim Beliefs
*Crime and Punishment
*Living the Muslim Life
*Peace and Conflict

There are two workbooks for each unit and they are designed to be for two homeworks or for two intervention sessions. You could also use them in lessons once you have finished content for the pupils to be working their way through. I have also used them for pupils who have missed lessons or during cover lessons.

There is a personalised learning checklist on the front, keywords, Sources of Wisdom and then activities for each part of the topic.

I have binded the whole set together to make a book for my students so that they value it more and it doesn’t get destroyed in bags!

This set gets you all 16 books individually and the one set all together. They are all editable so you can give instruction sheets and deadline dates etc. There are 131 pages in total in the master copy.

I have also included another set of each booklet that has been adapted for teams. This means there are 16 booklets that are best used in the classroom, the layout is more interesting and there are more pictures. The other 16 are the exact same questions but set out so that they can be put on teams for pupils to type into and then submit.




a year ago

Fantastic revision activities which covers all aspects of the spec- this has saved me so much time. Thank you!

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