Hoover Verses Roosevelt Card Sort
This great card sort activity is designed to get students to compare and contrast the political beliefs and backgrounds of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D Roosevelt in the Presidential Election of 1932. It would make a great starter, plenary or mini plenary that could be used with any text book on this topic.

The resource includes two heading cards labeled Herbert Hoover and Franklin D Roosevelt and 22 cards with quotations and facts about both men for students to sort through before they stick them into their exercise book. Once completed the class can feedback and debate how the backgrounds of each presidential candidate may have influenced their political beliefs.

The aims and objectives of this lesson are:

Theme: USA 1919 - 1945
Know: What did HH & FDR believe?
Understand: How did their backgrounds influence their beliefs?
Evaluate: Why did FDR win the election in 1932?

WILF: What Am I Looking for?
Identify & describe: What did HH & FDR political aims and beliefs?
Explain: How did their backgrounds influence their beliefs?
Evaluate: Why did FDR win the presidential election in 1932?

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