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This colorful and engaging 26 slide PowerPoint presentation lesson addresses multiple standards for the 4th and 5th grades.

After this lesson students will be able to explain that animals, including humans, cannot make their own food and that when animals eat plants or other animals, the energy stored in the food source is passed to them. They will trace the flow of energy from the Sun as it is transferred along the food chain through the producers to the consumers. Students will be able to classify consumers as herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores, and further break the groups into predator and prey. Students will also be able to construct food chains and food webs for specific ecosystems.

This lesson includes guided notes in an interactive student notebook. This bundle also includes a card sort activity in which students will first group by how they obtain energy, and then they will further break the consumers into herbivore, carnivores and omnivores, and finally they construct a food web for a saltwater marsh ecosystem. They are four embedded video clips, with specific questions pertaining to the information given during the video. As always each section is followed by a “Turn and Talk” giving your students an opportunity to discuss their newly gained knowledge.

This is a bundled lesson that includes the student interactive notes and the Power Point presentation. Student discussions (Turn and Talks) embedded in presentation. Video clips with questions and a card sorting activity. Everything you need to teach the lesson!


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