Introduction to the Brain

This resource contains a workshop with activities about the structure and functions of the brain and what happens when it goes wrong. It also contains short biographies of the two co-authors and details of their academic involvement in psychology. It is intended for learners studying the Scottish National 5 Psychology curriculum.

Learning outcomes

  • Name and locate the different lobes of the brain.
  • Understand the functions of each brain, and their real-life applications.
  • Actively work in a team with a common goal.
  • Understand the implications of brain damage, such as the case of Phineas Gage.

In this resource
This resource bundle includes pdf and editable versions of the following:

  • Practitioner Notes: contains in-depth notes as to the characteristics and composition of the brain, along with several support videos that may benefit learners. Also included are the rules for the “Brain Game”
  • Brain Cut Out: a single page with a coloured image of the brain, as required by the “Brain Game”
  • Brain Function and Lobe Names: for use in the “Brain Game”
  • Clue Cards: a set of clue cards for use in the “Brain Game”
  • Clue Card Answers: the corresponding answers to go along with the Clue Cards in the “Brain Game”
  • Meet the Psychologists: a single page document with a short description and picture of the two authors of this resource

This resource was created as part of Psychology Outreach and Engagement which allows undergraduate psychology students to develop new projects aimed at meeting the needs of local community partners as part of their degree.

This resource was developed in partnership with Craigroyston Community High School, Edinburgh. Lorna Camus, an MA Hons Psychology student and Agniete Pocyte, a BSc Hons Psychology student, produced and delivered the resource with the help of Eric Freund, a teacher at Craigroyston Community High School. We are indebted to Eric, but we would also like to thank his 1A and his 2C classes for their participation and enthusiasm.

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Author: Lorna Camus and Agniete Pocyte, adapted by Kay Douglas and Andrew Ferguson.

Unless otherwise stated, all content is released under the CC BY 4.0 license.


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  • Clue-Cards.pdf
  • Clue-Cards-Answers.pdf
  • Meet-the-Psychologists.pdf

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