Inverted Commas (Speech Marks) - PowerPoint Lesson on Direct Speech

The 'Double Agents' the Speech Marks themselves, explain in a lively PowerPoint how to use speech marks (inverted commas) in direct speech.

The resource includes:

- Two fully editable, highly visual, engaging and interactive Power Point Lessons on using speech marks/quotation marks / inverted commas for direct speech. The first PowerPoint is more simplified and focuses on the insertion of speech marks and using a capital letter for the start of speech and contains 20 slides. The second PowerPoint is more advanced and includes the use of other punctuation devices - full stop, comma, exclamation mark, and question mark when using speech. It also introduces split speech and contains 22 slides.
Lessons could begin with the simplified version initially moving on to the more advanced version containing all the punctuation devices when the first skills have been consolidated.

- An explanation/revision booklet on speech marks

- Differentiated worksheets gradually increasing in complexity to cater for the needs of all pupils. The worksheets are available in both PDF and word format so that they can be personalised to suit you / your pupils' needs.

The resources are suitable for younger pupils Key Stage 2 pupils, SEN / Entry Level pupils and older pupils who may find inserting speech marks and punctuation challenging.

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Created: Sep 21, 2015

Updated: Apr 27, 2018


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