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IP Addressing, what it is, the different classes, subnets etc.
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3 years ago

Overall useful but does contain some errors ad mentioned in other reviews


12 years ago

A potentially useful set of slides were it not for the errors pointed out in the comment below.


14 years ago

Some corrections. A good introduction, but a few errors in there... <br />- Slide 4: 28 should be 2^8, 232 should be 2^32 <br />- Slide 7: 232 should be 2^31 <br />- Slide 8: 214 should be 2^14, 230 should be 2^30 <br />- Slide 9: 221 should be 2^21, etc. etc. <br />http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classful_network <br /> <br />Also, it may help with younger learners to relate IP addressing to real-life examples. So, a postal address has a street name and house number (although the other way around in real life). <br /> <br />High Street, 21 <br />High Street, 22 <br /> <br />You can't have High Street, 0. <br /> <br />When explaining the difference between unicast, multicast and broadcast I use the example of the class I'm teaching: <br />- to talk to an individual I use their unique name (unicast) <br />- to talk to a small group I use the name of the group (multicast) <br />- to get everyone's attention I use 'everyone' (broadcast) <br /> <br />Finally, you may like to tell them that the PPT refers to IPv4, which is now out of date. We're now on IPv6, which uses hexadecimal addresses. IT is dynamic and changing. The days of classfull addressing (A, B, C...) are gone too, we're all classless now (CIDR). <br /> <br />:) <br /> <br />Peter (Cisco Instructor)


14 years ago

a correction. I hate to be one of those people who always moans, but there is a small part of this which is factually incorrect. <br /> <br />When you talk about broadcast addresses, they are infact where all host bits are set to 1 rather than all bits so in the network, the broadcast would be or equally in the network the broadcast would be <br /> <br /> is in fact a subnet broadcast address, so where the local network is subnetted, using this address ill broadcast to all hosts on all subnets. <br /> :)


14 years ago

Thanks. Looks good

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