Students still need to know how to Touch Type even in this world of ‘swiping’ technology. This pack has activities and posters for Windows, Mac and Chrome Keyboards. Project to your whiteboard for the ‘Practice Letter’ of the day. You do not need access to a computer, just print out out a white keyboard for students to colour in the letter they are practising or print out a color keyboard and laminate so that students can practise with the color coded keyboard fingering. Print, laminate and bag all of the different Practice Keyboard Cards, put up some of the posters and create an independent Learning Centre that students can use when they have finished their work or for rainy days. If you have an old computer that is only good for wordprocessing, then stick the Keyboarding practice cards to the outside of the monitor so that students can practise on a real keyboard.

This package contains

6 files
A Keyboard Practice and a Keyboard Cards file for Windows
A Keyboard Practice and a Keyboard Cards file for Mac
A Keyboard Practice and a Keyboard Cards file for Chromebook
242 pages


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  • Keyboarding-cards-Window-version.pdf
  • Keyboarding-practice-Chromebook-version.pdf
  • Keyboarding-practice-Mac-version.pdf
  • Keyboarding-practice-Windows-version.pdf

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