Know the Code: Basic Orton Gillingham Classroom Bundle #2 for Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots & Writing
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Looking for a resource that has numerous Orton Gillingham lessons based on a multisensory approach that includes a systematic, sequential, and explicit method of presenting and teaching for internalization, beyond the method of “memorization?”

Lessons focus on prefixes, suffixes, and roots, including meaning of each, layer of language, and morphological awareness activity.This is “THE” resource to use especially if time is limited to develop multisensory lessons AND your students are older and require higher level thinking skills.

This bundle, in PDF format has complete multisensory lessons that provide an introduction, word lists, sentences, graphic organizers, application activities plus more!

Additionally, there are numerous graphic organizers included to support student writing, reading, and study habits. Numerous pictures are included to develop oral language skills, which in turn, support vocabulary development. Students who struggle to read and write, experience a significant decline in vocabulary, which then begins a “snowball effect,” - students fall further behind, challenged to the point where these students become academically behind by months and years, compared to their peer group.

Sight words are included with directions to support a multisensory presentation. Other reading skills developed:
Reading fluency
Word comprehension
Sentence comprehension
Paragraph comprehension
Section / Chapter discourse
Writing skills
Sentence structure
Syntax (rules of grammar)

Application activities are provided to support the internalization and comprehension of concepts included in the resource.

Cognitive skills are also refined and developed - see below:
Working memory
Word Retrieval
Long-term memory

Please check the Table of Contents for specific lessons.
If you have questions or would like clarification, please email me at .

Thank you.
Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin
M. S., M. A., OG-TT (IMSLEC)
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