Know the Code: Consonant "s"
This lesson, in PDF format, focuses on teaching the consonant s; using a multisensory approach, repetition, review, focusing on skill building for optimum internalization of the phonogram s. Student development is grounded in a multisensory approach, repetition of the skill and application using the principles of Orton Gillingham. This lesson requires teacher introduction, discussion and modeling, followed by student practice and application. There is a word search included but please make this activity optional since there are students who will struggle due to visual processing challenges. But, since many students love word searches, one is included.

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Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin
M. S., M. A., OG-TT (IMSLEC)

Key terms: Orton Gillingham, workbook style, workbook format, workbook, multisensory education, multisensory activities, reading, writing, spelling, phonics, grammar, strategies; parent information; answer keys; consonants, consonant blends, consonant digraphs; vowel consonant e and Magic e; vowel teams, short vowels, long vowels, ending blends, syllables, syllable types: closed, open, Bossy R and R-controlled; vowel teams and vowel digraphs; consonant -le; vowel diphthong; oral language; receptive language; written expression; language development; language disorders; special education; gifted and talented; homework; fun
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