Know the Code:  Latin Prefix "pro-"
This multisensory resource focuses on a Latin prefix, "pro-." The knowledge gained from understanding the meaning of pro- brings students to "a higher understanding." This resource includes a variety of methods to support student internalization of the meaning of "pro-."

Teachers and parents can determine the specific pages a student completes - very helpful for a class of diverse students academically. Of course, students can complete the entire multisensory packet - just providing options!

Some skills included in this multisensory resource:
writing development
working memory & long term memory development
language development
math based vocabulary
reading comprehension
reading fluency

Please email me with questions you may have. FYI There are answer keys included.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin
M. S., M. A., OG-TT (IMSLEC)

Key Terms: Dyslexia, language, Latin root; speech; special education; tutoring; Orton Gillingham; Orton lessons; OG-TT; OG-T; OG tutor; Wilson reading; Turner Syndrome: concepts; vocabulary ; multisensory
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