Know the Code: Latin Roots - sec, sect
This is a multisensory PDF resource designed for students that are developing reading comprehension and understanding of math terms. If you are looking for worthwhile resource that will help students develop math and science terminology and increase reading skills this is the resource. Words that are included in this resource that support math: sector; cross-section; bisector; dissection; mid-section; bisectors -to name a few!

There are a few application activities included to support a deeper understanding and potential for automaticity of words and their meanings.

There is a word search included in this resource. Please make the word search a voluntary assignment. Why? Many students love word searches, but many do not like word searches due to visual processing difficulties. It is included for those students who like to complete the word searches since it is another opportunity to internalize the words and roots.

The following skills are covered and a focus in this multisensory resource:
Reading comprehension
Reading fluency
Memory development
Word Retrieval
Sentence development
Sentence comprehension
Syntax through writing activities

If you have questions, please email me at:

Thank you.
Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin
M. S., M. A., OG-TT (IMSLEC)

Key terms: Dyslexia; Specific Learning Differences; Turner Syndrome; reading comprehension; morphology; vocabulary; math terms; decoding; memory development; spelling; cognition; reading fluency; processing speed
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