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This lesson is based on Orton Gillingham Multisensory Language Development principles.
A sampling of skills developed with this multisensory lesson:
Prefix “sub-“
Reading comprehension
Reading strategies
Writing activities
Reading fluency
Processing Speed
Working memory
Long term memory
Word Retrieval
Students will develop a stronger vocabulary using a multisensory approach to word meaning.
The prefix sub- means below, under or near. The ability to know a prefix's meaning is a major support for students reading words that are in reading passages in English, science and social studies text books. Struggling readers benefit from knowing the meanings of prefixes like sub-.
This resource focuses on a multitude of skills that many students have not internalized, even though students are higher grade levels. Students in high school level classes have used this lesson and have developed an automaticity of the prefix meaning for sub-, and supports word recognition, stronger reading fluency, and improved comprehension.
Students in middle school, and gifted students will also benefit using this lesson. However, all students require review and repetition of this prefix. It is important students have time to process these skills.
Please contact me if you have questions at ekennyfoggin@gmail.com
Best wishes,
Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin



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