KS1 Creation Stories

6 lesson PowerPoint plan on Creation Stories. Covering Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Chinese and Humanist/Scientist theories on the creation of the earth. I cannot claim to be the author of most of the text, but have presented, ready for teaching. Thanks to: angelslf for the MTP the work was taken from shelleysmith03 for the Aboriginal art leesatre for the Big Bang content I hope this is of use; if so, please rate it xx


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  • Just what I needed! Thanks. Would you be able to share the resources that are listed for each lesson?

  • sseabornea year agoReport

    Thank you, this is fantastic! Suitable for older children too I found.

  • kerr25a year agoReport

    Fantastic resource, thank you very much for sharing. Just wondering if you could share the other resources listed for each lesson?

  • happyface2 years agoReport